Aproximate POST Date was March 1, 2002:
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Holymace,Dalandar,Benny,Zaal and Wildice

Maiden's eye was everything Dalandar said it would be. The one thing I was really impressed with was that this zone was actually challenging for our group but not un-doable. The mobs we were fighting were mostly blue to me and it took a concerted effort to get a kill. We started with just five of us with Dalandar being the main tank. This worked great for me because he was able to keep the mobs taunted off of me with his frequent stuns. I also kept my best damage shield on him so the mob would continue to be angry at him.

Zaal and I did our best to keep whacking at the mobs to get the kill. These creatures seemed to have a ton of hit points and there was a danger of adds. Unlike dreadlands which has very safe areas to pull to Maiden's Eye has mobs traveling all areas and their agro range is fairly large. Some of the mobs were healers and this is where Benny and Dalandar's stuns came in real handy. Dalandar would call for stuns and nukes and Benny would start casting. The battles raged on for so long that I started to cast Immolate, this DOT also has the effect of lowering the AC of the target. With 3 melee's beating on the mob for such a long period of time the benefits from such a debuff are great. Dalandar's prediction on loot was correct we managed to loot quite a few items. I looted a hammer which is fairly nice. Not quite as nice as a Crystaline Short Sword but close. I think the item might sell for over 1k. I'm not sure what else we might have looted so anyone else who was there who might have looted something good please leave a message.

This would be a good place for Daily exp / loot groups. It is a zone which doesn't require any particular class to fight there except for a cleric. A shammy would also thrive in this zone, since the battles last so long a shammy's slow spells would be tremendously effective.