POSTED APX March 2001
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Well my next player guide was going to be on agro control but lately I feel that it is important to talk about how to fight in a group with an ENCHANTER . . . This talk again is mostly from a rangers point of view so it is mostly written for the members of our guild who play rangers . . . J

First of all some of you may or may not have thought about this but EQ is really about numbers . . . the trick of the game is to deliver enough damage quickly enough to kill the mob before the mob delivers enough damage to kill you . . . There are many many many ways to increase the speed in which you deliver damage. However there are few ways to decrease the speed in which a mob delivers return damage. Two of the best ways I have seen are the 1. The slow line of spells used by the Shaman 2. The mesmerize spell used by enchanters. This guide is going to discuss the mesmerize line of spells and how to work in a group with a chanter. I certainly am not an expert on Enchanters I have never played one; however we as a guild are very lucky that we have two very active enchanters with Emianta and Gosleep. These are the three most important rules when fighting with an enchanter:




This might seem easy but believe it or not until you have mastered these three rules you might as well forget about being an effective grouper with an enchanter. To do this you need to simply pay attention when fighting with an enchanter. Remember what I said above? You need to deliver damage quicker then the mob:) When the mob is mez'ed it delivers no damage, so you have tons and tons of time. So take your time and make sure no one gets killed.

Scenario 1. Multiple pull and crowd control. An enchanter is absolutely essential when fighting in dungeons and dangerous zones. The most feared occurrence is an overrun with multiple mobs. So when you pull a mob if multiples come the first thing you should do on your way back to the group is say "2 mobs" or "3 mobs" or "gotta a few". The next thing YOU as the puller need to decide is which one you want the group to kill first. Then announce it in "group talk". Now here is an important note: as a ranger I constantly pull with a Flame Lick. This spell delivers damage over time and makes the mob UN-Mezable. That is why YOU as the puller need to decide which one to kill first. A good enchanter will respond to this and mez the other mobs who joined the party uninvited. Once the chanter has the other mobs mezed you should try to break the mobs apart a little. Often the enchanter will ask you to "back up" so that the mob who is fighting you will follow a bit leaving the mez'ed mob behind and alone. Now you have only one mob delivering damage and unless you and your group are completely out classed in fighting the mob you should have no problem.

Scenario 2. Breaking the Mez: First rule: The only person who should be breaking a mezed mob is someone with a "TAUNT" button. Simply put the mob is mad at the enchanter and you need to over come it. First thing you do when breaking a mez'ed mob is step close to it and start hitting your taunt key. The next thing you should do is Assess the status of the group all the while press the "TUANT" key. Once a mob is Mez'ed it will stay that way for quite a while. You don't have to worry about doing anything "super" quickly so take a moment or two to think how you want to fight this new mob. You might want to ask the group "ready?" If someone needs to heal up this will provide the 20 seconds or so necessary to lay on a few heals and rebuff. My recipe for breaking a mezzed mob: 1 you get close to the mob and Press the TAUNT key. 2. You snare the mob. This usually does not break the mez 3. Press the TUANT key again. 4. Cast flame lick combined with duel wield auto attack and KICK. (Fast weapons work best. . . slower weapons will work fine but not quite as reliable) 5. The mob should now start attacking you. If the mob continues to chase the enchanter give your TAUNT key one more try then if that doesn't work cast ROOT, announce that the mob is rooted and the chanter can now step away from the mob. A good chanter will stand still during this ordeal and not run around like a chicken with her head cut off . . . LOL

Scenario 3. You are standing in the middle of a bunch of mobs beating on you and you aren't sure which one to attack. First rule: TURN OFF AUTO ATTACK. Remember you don't need to attack. The speed of your damage output is not important when the mobs aren't attacking. So simply stand there for a few seconds and let the mobs beat on you for a few seconds while the chanter works her magic. In a few seconds you will be standing among a bunch of mobs who are just smiling at you J Now pick the mob you want to kill most and tell the group then refer to Scenario 2. Okay I would love to hear what everyone's thoughts are on this. I would also love it if gosleep or Emianta could offer their two cents.

I don't consider myself to be an expert these are just things I have learned which seem to work well.

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