Kaesora Raid APX post December 2001
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Kaesora Friday Night Raid report. . .

Well this raid was down right easy ! ! ! :) Unlike Kedge and Kael we over powered Kaesora by a long shot. We ported to Emerald Jungle and zoned into Field of Bone. . . this is probably the easiest way to get there for all of us except for Drakke . . . a native of Cabalis, Kaesora is in his back yard. We dropped down the left shaft, I know others say to go a different way, but for some reason this just seems to be the easiest way to get down to the Church where Xalgoz spawns. Most of the mobs in that area are green or light blue to me . . . with an extremely rare blue (except for Xalgoz who is a 40th level mob).

Because of our over powering groups we dispensed with the safe pull method which use IVU,assist, and snare to single pull the mob. I simply ran back to the church and pulled a bunch for us to kill. We were broken up into two groups, the HIGH group consisted of all upper level characters, while group two consisted of Drakke, Ethon, and Beli. When ever I pulled a green mob I assigned it to the LOW group and this worked very well for most of the night, Drakke mentioned he got over 3 blue bubs fighting down there. (and anytime the exp goes in the positive direction means you had a successful raid). We managed to kill Xalgoz once before I had to leave the other three times we had a Place holder pop (drat our Luck! ! !) Luckily two fangs drooped and Llueve and Beli both got a fang. This means we have two more members in the guild who can complete their HS keys. However I am hoping that Mumferd and Muug also stayed long enough to get themselves a fang.Kindery also was in the zone hopefully he managed to get back online and get himself a fang.

The Loot, ( the loot wasn't the best but it wasn't bad either :) I have been to Kaesora 6 times now and in all those trips I have only seen 1 tombcarver drop during the night we had three drop. From what I've heard Rogues love those daggers all the way into there 50s, they are extremely fast only a 17 delay. We had a few Ransackers Packs drop. They are an 8 slot 25% weight reduction bag. We also had a few pieces of Truesilver drop. I loaded myself up Fine steel weapons which I plan to sell and use the money for cleric Peridots for our next raid.

We wiped the entire library area fighting at one point 5 mobs at once but we didn't get any "BOOKS" :( The mishap. Poor Rasken :( he had been suffering from bad lag all during the night so he was finding it hard to keep up with the group as we traveled down to Xalgoz. He got separated from us and ended up dead :( However one thing which was very interesting to me was that my (TRACK COPRSE SKILL WORKED ! ! !) I pulled the corpse back to the group and our clerics graced Rasken with a REVIVE . . . I mean a REZ hehehe ! ! ! Poor Rasken he can't even escape torment from his guildees ! ! !

Logistical stuff. . . everyone should do there best to read the forum regularly, once every three or four days is good enough. Also read the forum whenever you see a GUILD MESSAGE OF THE DAY. Several people commented that they felt they were to low to come on this raid. WE ARE A UNITED GUILD! ! ! which means we will do our best to accommodate anyone who wants to come on a raid provided they are not completely out of there league. For this raid I specifically said anyone who is 28th level plus. Please keep in mind that we are here to have fun, and I have fun with the guild. I go to help "The Guild" accomplish something AND have fun with my friends in the guild, so please don't feel like you are excluded if you want to come send me a tell I am always honest with people when they might be under powered for the zone, and you are NOT being a pest for asking ! ! ! :)

THE PORTERS ! ! ! Syrian Drauka is very lucky to have a great bunch of members who are willing to take time out of there play time to port us around. As always I would like to reiterate that if you would like to request a port please use a private tell directly to our porters. ALSO you better be understanding if they say they are too busy.

PORTERS DURING A RAID. First off you should get yourself in a position to easily be picked up by a druid or wizzy. Don't make them run all over the place to come get you. Basically get near to a druid ring or wizzy spire. If you are late for a raid this is the procedure. Please send me a private tell requesting a pickup, I will inform you who long you will probably have to wait for a pickup. I then will contact one of the porters present on the raid Rasken, and Benny have been doing alot of this for us. I will send you a tell to contact the character directly. You will then make arrangements with the porter directly to meet them somewhere and port to the raid location. Remember you might be stuck at the entrance waiting for an escort to our camp site.

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