Posted August 31, 2002
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Friday August 30, 2002

Finally the EL gives up the goods! ! !

We started the raid about 815pm we had a few delays but all in all things went smoothly. There was one guest Norzik (52 cleric) from the guild ?Graven Image? (sp?) I think he might have been nervous about not having a chanter but I assured him that our guild was very practiced at doing "hair brained" schemes such as this and that he should expect to have several entire guild wipes. Unfortunately he was disappointed. (LOL) We finally made it to the EL about 1030pm Eastern and we pulled the PH and moved into the room. The very next pop was the EL who dispatched quickly and he dropped the boots. (woohooo ! ! !).

Attendance: Ymihere Shirdan Drakke Beli Starice Sakis Karashae Dalandar Norzik Wildice

We had 1 death :( Beli . . . she got agroed by the PH's we pulled from the EL room. One thing I think we learned is that those IMPs especially like to attack characters who are sitting. Which means they attack the medding casters on the pull. We later made some allowances for this (AI) attribute verant was so nice to program into the game by positioning seated tanks around the casters. This was on Dalandar's suggestion and it worked great :).


Ymihere - (pronounced ?Why am I here??) So good to see her playing and it's a good thing she doesn't live in South Jersey. Watering the grass is against the law. . . . hehehe

Karashae - She won the Boots (actually guild loot) she upgraded a pair of kobold hide boots. This means we expect bigger and better nukes from her.

Drakke - As usual he was a great puller he kept the pulls to 2 or less the entire night. Tell Norzik we don?t need no chanter. . . . hehehe . . . I hear splitting the pulls gets even easier as you put more AA in run speed.

Starice - Again our most junior member to attend. Don?t discount how handy it is for the cleric to have a druid throwing 300 point heals around during the heat of the battle. He mentioned he was getting a bunch of exp. (Hopefully we will get you a pair of those GEBS soon Star J)

Wildice - well she led her group down the wrong hall and into some unfriendly sonic bats. . . hehehe . . . sorry guys just glad no one died and we held it together well. . .

EL SPAWN TIME - - Both Drakke and myself seem to think the EL spawn timer is somewhere around 22 minutes give or take 2 or 3 minutes. Nice work all [:)]


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