This letter was Posted on the Ranger's glade and later forwarded to Verant. Rangers ended up getting there caps raised for dual wield and double attack. Warriors are still oblivious of this despite there sensitivity to triple attack.
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Dear Verant

I play a ranger on the tribunal server. I have for well over a year now. I lived through the exp penalty and the "breaking" and "fixing" of the ranger class shortly after Kunark was released. Most of the Kunark issues involving the rangers have now been solved through equipment and code changes. I think most people would argue that the rangers are now well balanced and can indeed find a group if they are played properly.

"Our name is ONE for we are united"

Most recently I have read on many EQ related sites that you have removed triple attack from Rangers on test, and that the "number crunchers" (not verant employees) who painstakenly analyze this game are certain that the rangers are getting short changed with the upcoming release of luclin. I am not a number cruncher but I have seen the evidence on this and it is compelling. I am a person who examines the personality and dynamic of the game and its society. You have removed triple attack because of complaints from other melee classes who claim that we are being made too powerful compared to their class; such as the warrior. I find that warriors fail to see the whole picture and that the reason they are so upset is because the damage output is so blatantly obvious. Our damage scrolls up the screen right next to theirs and it happens simultaneously. This provides immediate and obvious side by side evidence that they can use to make their argument more convincing. Unfortunately MOBs don't attack two people simultaneously. If mobs did attack two people simultaneously then we rangers could make very real and obvious comparisons about our defensive capabilities or incapabilities. Also without having this side by side comparison it is difficult to motivate the population of Rangers at large to voice their concerns. You must listen to those who "KNOW" this game and PLAY IT IN THE REAL WORLD.

"Rendered further Impudent"

To cap this all off you are giving the enchanters our job ! Rangers like SK's are known for our high taunt abilities and getting the frenzied mobs off the casters. However now you have given the agro control buffs to the enchanter. Some people would say that this will help the ranger avoid agro with his/her low armor class but I say that this just gives us ONE less reason to ask a ranger to join your group. "I am a Ranger; I am a protector" -- Not anymore the enchanter's low agro buff will solve that problem for you. If I remember correctly one of your own game testers suggested these buffs should be given to the rangers to increase their significance in the group. The line of spells was suppose to be called "Scent of Blood" which was suppose to increase the aggro of the characters who held that buff. Now you have given these buffs to an already Essential class and damned us to even further obscurity.

"Comic relief"

You know you are a ranger when the warrior after fighting beside you for two or three minutes begins calling incessantly for "speed buffs"

You know you are a ranger when the rogue tells all the other melee's to fight beside you.

You know you are a ranger when during the first break all the other tanks ask permission to inspect.

You know you are a ranger when group members start commenting about the high exp since you have come along.

You know you are a ranger when you have decided that you will NEVER quest for the wurmslayer.

You know you are a ranger when the cleric asks if any of the other tanks know how to use the taunt key.


Wildice Polarfury

Ranger of 50 Winters

I AM a protector

Guild Syrian Drauka on Tribunal