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The Guild Bank:

Rules for useing guild banked items. In general the guild bank consists of items which have been donated by its members or deemed too important to roll for by the guild leaders. These items are assigned through a hierarchy of criteria which is dependent upon the character's significance within the guild.* Although there is nothing I or anyone can do to force you to give back an item once it is given to you. The PR aspect of not returning items which do not truely belong to you will go a long way for future assignments of note worthy loot. If you leave the guild you are expected to return the items given to you. Returns can be made to either Wildice or Benny.

*Definition of a characters significance. 1. Longevity and participation in the guild. 2. Is it the main character of that player. ( I don't want nice loot items going to twink a player's alts who don't get very much play time) 3. What level is the character. (40+ level characters gain an element of seniority)

Please email me with any corrections or additions or if you would like to request any unassigned item

Item Name
Character in possesion
Misc notes
1440pp Wildice Sold various items frozen club and -> black chitin legs
Golden Efreeti Boots Meztor The Call of Flames quest group. spell sold for 6k
ITEM weapon stun effect NOT Assigned Scarapath  
ITEM Shield shammy useabl NOT Assigned Scarapath  
Golden Efreeti Boots Starice Wildice  
Golden Chitin Bracer Benny Wildice  
Sarnak Head Gear Doilry Wildice  
Springwood Club Anuddaheala Holymace Turn in for RSM
Rock Studded Masher (sp?) Holymace SYRIAN DRAUKA TOO RARE TO ROLL
Green Jade Broadsword Tolow CoM Crew  
* There are more items then this I will update the list as memory serves me. Platinum will be used for guild hate and air raid stones eventually.