January 26, 2003

Disclaimer: I have created this site for my personal use. I am NOT a professional web designer. . .

January 25, 2003 RL Pictures Added! ! !

Its been awhile since I've had time to update the page, sorry about the delay.

We lost a very old member of our guild and I think we all miss her. Anudda you are and will be missed.

Our forum is back online and has been for awhile now. I've been away from my computer a bit lately but we should get back to using it especially for organizing new raids. We have had a few join raids with Royal Flame and a little with Phalanx so far every thing has worked out well hope to keep this up.

December 2, 2002 Picture's Page Updated. RL PICTURES ADDED ! ! !

I'm back from vacation sorry about the overdue update to the web page.

The most interesting news which needs comment is the rate at which people have been leveling since the introduction of Planes of Power. Benny is now 55, Beli and Holymace are both 54 and close to 55, and Shirdan just recently made it to 53! I also heard we had a successful forray in the Arena at Kael while I was away. Narrook brought home our first guild won piece of Velious Quest armor, congrats Narrook!

The guild bank is doing well we have over 2kpp at the moment and still a number of items coming and going.

THE FORUM IS DOWN. I have been in contact with the administrators who host our forum. They are having serious hardware problems and are working to solve the problem. They have a SUPPORT forum where they are making status announcements; SO for the time being we are going to do without a forum. They announced the forums would be back online today but are still encountering trouble, apparently they had a hard disk going bad over time but didn't realize it.


Syrianmoney is the name of our new guild character who is on my account and is now the guild bank character. She will be the repository of items donated by members for the use of other members. You are invited to browse the items she has listed for sale in the bazaar, if you find any of them useful please do not hesitate to put a request in for the item. I am also using her to accumulate PP which is also guild property. PP will NOT be given to guild members as a rule. This money will be used to buy plane stones etc. and possibly uber equipment for our members. Current cash = 1440pp.

ROSTER activated I will be "attempting" to keep this list current as time permits. I will also be gathering information through brute force both online and on the message board. So please be prepared to answer my questions about your main and alts status. . . SUGGESTIONS NEEDED I have listed some fairly basic column headings on the roster if you have any ideas for other information which should be included please make a suggestion on the message board.


Narrook (sp?) Dwarf Cleric 47ish in level ( I got him lost in FM mountains and he didn't complain . . . hehehe I like him)

Kilerdar Bard 48ish in level (well what can I say I missed him. . .)

October 31, 2002 ADVANCED FORUM FOUND!

I updated the link above to take us to the really nice message board we used to have before we lost the domian for "", I had know idea that this thing was even still accessable, I accidentally stumbled upon it while looking through the links of one of our office computers. So lets start to migrate back to this forum.

GUILD BANK IN LIMBO FOR A SHORT WHILE . . . I am trying to straighten out our EQ accounts my intention is to have a guild banker character in the bazaar, this character will spend lots of time online offering the guild items for sale in the bazaar for high prices . . . my logic goes like this: If we can't find a home for some of the nicer items we have in the guild bank which we may have out grown, why not sell them especially if we can get a good price. Then we can buy nicer items for ourselves from the accumulated money. In the mean time anyone can browse the items on the guild bank IN GAME by just visiting the bazaar. IF you find an item you would use just leave me a message, another advantage is that I can create links using the new UI for the entire guild to see of the items on the banker. :)

October 14, 2002 GUILD BANK UPDATED

EVERYONE is invited to send in RL pictures, even use the US post office if you would like. :) I can scan and send back. (not mandatory!)

WILLSON spoted online (he seems to be afk often I haven't gotten a response from him yet) camping the bazaar I see. Would be nice to have another ranger helping every now and then. 51 Woodelf Ranger (VERY VERY OLD member of SD)

Demandreh (SP?) level 3 darkelf necro This character belongs to the OLD Miranthar 40ish cleric.

Karashae has left the guild.

October 6, 2002 Galary fixed

A few things disappeared on the web site last time I updated it so I think I have that fixed now. Trying to get the loot policy page working doesn't really look the way I want it, but for now until I get help on how to fix it its there.

TAKE A LOOK at the guild bank there might be somthing I'm missing please let me know what else I need to add.


MEZTOR ! ! ! OMG is that a chanter I see? 42ish High elf. (welcome meztor)

September 29, 2002 GALARY UPDATED

Congratulations Drakke, who with the help of a large portion of the guild and other guilds defeated two important mobs on his quest. Special thanks to Gosleep, Dealorn (sp?), Kaiala, Kimon, Zuis and Caynen(almost a guildee). This is a milestone in the development of our guild, certainly epic type encounters are somthing we would like to accomplish for our members.

Welcome Naprox 45ish dwarven warrior.

Fireagate 20ish wizard.


Happy Birthday Wildice - 2 Years in Syrian Drauka as of today.

Welcome back!!!

Our old family druid Rasken is back with new alts ! ! ! Tolow 42ish Dwarf Warrior. Nice to see an old timer back with us.

Navaros is welcome back too ! ! ! This time with Penelopie 60th high elf Cleric and Densets lowbie warrior.

Vampx!!! Now back with Shadowkeld 44ish Rogue (wow we really needed a rogue)

Wompus ! ! ! 51 Heretic sighted back online ! ! !

Keeping my fingers crossed on Beli and Setter ! ! !

This has been a very good week for the guild. I want to plung back into fighting in Sol B this weekend, so check the message board for announcements. Last weekend fell apart after the guild meeting debacle. Lets get back ontrack.

September 10, 2002

Congratulations to the Hexwood family. The pictures are posted in picture forum, hope you don't mind I've added a little humor to them.

WELCOME TOLOW ! ! ! warrior 43rd dwarf. This is our old Rasken folks! ! ! Gosh its good to see him around again.


Entire guild MEETING scheduled for Friday September 13, 2002. Kithicore woods is the likely meeting area. Ports will be available.

Sarnak Headgear droped off THE KLY in dalnir last night. Wildice won the roll for it and she has added this item to guild loot. This will be offered to Paladin mains who could use this as an upgrade. STATS AC15 2WIS 10vsMagic (not sure of exact stats as I write this but somthing like this.)

Officer errand needed- 2 invites are needed WIZTAC (deldain's shaman alt) and Sakis's wife's paladin. If an officer is online and has time to run errands please arrange to meet with one or both of these characters so they can be invited.

September 6, 2002

Several months ago the old Guild web site crashed. This site has been started to fulfill the interim need to share information. If anyone has suggestions please email me at I will be updating this web site when I have time, don't expect to much. hehehe (see disclaimer)

Welcome the following new members and old returning members:

Scarapath 40 Shammy Iksar

Stallion 12 Magic User Gnome

Zaal 50 Warrior Troll