This loot policy was very painful to create but I think we actually all agree on it. If you have questions please leave them on the message board.
Main Syrian Drauka

General Looting Policy for Syrian Drauka Groups.

I. This looting guide can be adjusted by the group and group leader.

a. Example Reasons for adjusting the guide.

i. The group is on a mission for a specific loot or goal.

ii. The group is in a zone with irregular looting features.

iii. Ninja looters in the area etc

b. Methods for changing the looting guide.

i. If a guild leader OR an officer is present they have final decision.

ii. Group LEADER dictates.

iii. Entire group consensus.

II. Label for the following system shall be called ML ?master looting?

a. 1 character preferably a tank shall be responsible for looting all coins and items.

i. Close Proximity to the corpses.

ii. Casters need to constantly med

iii. Tanks can carry more.

1. Loot all junk/vendor items until full.

a. Destroy Copper.

b. Once full the looter will announce they are full .

i. Drop excess items on the ground for other members to pick up.

ii. Drop the items on the ground near medding casters.

iii. Drop items are FFA . . . please don't be greedy.

2. Pass requested junk loot to other members.

a. This will be need before greed.

b. IE wizzy has a right to runes before any other class.

c. If two wizzies are in the same group the ML will be fair but NOT perfect..

b. NO DROP items.

i. Only classes which can use it may roll.

ii. These items DO NOT count toward final winnings.

1. IF you looted a particularly nice NO DROP item while other group members did not you are encourage to pass choosing first at the end of the evening.

2. Group members should keep in mind that many times NO DROP loot isn't all that great and the person who looted it would rather not have that item then give up a chance at the ML lotto. (IE don't penalize a person just because their class matched that of a NO DROP item)

c. End of evening Procedures ALSO when a player leaves the group.

i. "/split" the pp. If a monk is in the group then do a direct transfer to leaving person.

ii. All members shall random 1 to 100.

iii. Highest roller shall have first pick and so on iv. Junk loot will be divided.